Porosity Pop Quiz


Can you identify these noteworthy ultra-porous structures and what their unique geometries contribute to the end product’s ultimate functionality?



1 Art Object:  Random porosity results in a pleasing visual sensation.Art object2 Breakfast Cereal: Porous structures uniformly distribute milk throughout each bite for exceptional milk to cereal balance and taste-bud satisfaction.


3. Sponge: Flexible pore structure absorbs moisture faster and more completely than almost any other known surface for exceptional utilitarian performance

Picture1And Number 4. . .

teaser picMeister’s Revolutionary 3D Abrasives Technology!   An amazing R&D breakthrough makes it possible to control the microstructure and porosity of abrasive wheels to a degree that was previously unachievable. This 3D technology allows Meister Abrasives to precisely control its abrasive products to deliver performance characteristics that closely match the most desirable user-defined requirements.

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