HVOF Grinding: Dressing for Aerospace Success

HVOF Grinding: Dressing for Aerospace Success; The 2016 premiere issue of The Grind Magazine, published by United Grinding, contains a detailed article by Meister Abrasives USA’s Vice President and General Manager Bruce Northrup explaining how to successfully grind aerospace components coated with HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuel). He notes that the properties that do so well protecting components from wear and corrosion are also the ones that make the parts coated with it so very difficult to grind.

Northrup says: “The ‘old’ way of manually dressing resin- or metal-bond diamond wheels produces results that are difficult to measure, and the process is inconsistent, time consuming and can be dangerous for operators.” Dressing for aerospace applications must be totally repeatable and consistent to ensure that the ground parts will be exactly identical to each other. Consequently, the “new way” of effective grinding of HVOF coatings requires a CNC grinder with automated rotary dressing for precise wheel profiles using vitrified bonding technology.

To read the latest issue of The Grind with Bruce’s article, see page-36 at this link.


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