Swiss Quality Pellet Wheels Made in USA


Large vit CBN and Diamond pellet wheels made with manufacturing processes mirroring those used by Meister Abrasives in Switzerland are now being manufactured in the United States. Meister engineers work closely with our customers to develop exacting specifications for superior pellet wheels made in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Bruce Northrup, General Manager of Meister Abrasives USA, said, “Pellet wheels are fabricated by bonding hundreds, or sometimes thousands of abrasive pellets onto a plate (typically supplied by the customer). Each of these pellets are manufactured to the same exacting standards of precision and consistency as the world-class internal grinding wheels Meister produces for fuel injection, bearing, aerospace and automotive applications employing our proprietary HPB bonding technology.”

European manufacturers have employed Meister pellet wheels for decades to obtain more consistent close tolerance fine grinding and lapping performance along with uniform wheel wear characteristics. Now this technology is close at hand for US manufacturers as well.

Meister is one of a small number of companies that actually make pellet wheels in the United States. Most other sources are located in Europe and Asia. Customers interested in sourcing superior performing pellet wheels here in the United States should contact Meister at 1-888-MEISTER,, or find your local sales/applications engineer by following this link.

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