Fuel Injection Seat Grinding – Hybrid Dressing Solution

Implementation of Hybrid (hDD) dressing technology makes 30% improvement in part quality


A high-production manufacturer of fuel injection nozzles recently upgraded their dressing setup from a single-layer plated rotary disk to a hybrid-bonded hDD dressing tool. The result was a 30% improvement in the stability of the seat angle, seat depth, and roundness. Success of this trial can be attributed to the porous structure of the hDD tool, which produced a sharper and more efficient conditioning of the CBN wheel, which in turn reduced grinding forces, deflection, wheel wear, and vibration during the grinding operation.

grind parameters


  • Wheel: Meister Vit CBN / IGA 60° 3.05×10/M2, CB92-20-175-V-300320
  • Dresser: Meister hDD / DD 22×1.5×6, D42-64-150-H-317735

hDD structure

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