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Swiss in USA

 Swiss Quality and Made in the USA: Are these contradictory terms? Not at all.

Although Meister Abrasives has sales offices strategically located worldwide, our unique grinding and dressing products are made in only two locations— Switzerland and the United States. We do this to insure that our customers always receive consistent quality products, no matter which of our manufacturing facilities they are sourced from.

scaleAt each of these locations we manufacture identical products using the same equipment, materials, processes and procedures. Of all these components, we have particularly demanding requirements for the raw materials we use, including diamond, measureCBN and bonding matrix ingredients. So all of the raw materials used in our products are qualified in Switzerland by Meister Abrasive’s R&D Department, which reports directly to the CEO of the company.

meetingTwice a year key members of our co-located production staff get together in person to make sure we are all on the same page with existing manufacturing processes. We also discuss potential improvements in our manufacturing capabilities to maintain quality, improve lead times and produce advanced new Meister Abrasives’ products.

This meticulous co-located approach to manufacturing has two important advantages for our customers:

  • By balancing production between two facilities we are in a better position to meet the increasingly shorter lead times, which have become a way of life in manufacturing.
  • More importantly, our customers can be confident that our products will behave identically no matter when they receive them or where they come from.

We understand that your high quality standards, productivity and profitably are very much dependent on our product performance, timely deliveries and manufacturing consistency.

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Vice President and General Manager of Meister Abrasives USA
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