Meet Roy Auerbach — Our Man In the Southeast

Roy Auerbach_PHOTOWelcome aboard to Roy Auerbach, Meister Abrasives USA’s new sales engineer covering nine Southeastern states from Virginia south to Florida and West to Texas.

Roy is a 20-year veteran of the precision grinding business, for many of those years representing superabrasive grinding wheel manufacturers located in Europe and Asia. The economic downturn made it necessary for Roy to leave superabrasives consulting in 2009, but he stayed connected with manufacturing by taking on assignments as an automated systems engineer.

“Now I am really pleased to get back to my first love, helping customers develop cost-effective grinding processes using Meister’s custom superabrasives wheels and dressing tools. Business in the Southeast is really picking up among the numerous transplants located here. There is also a lot of excitement about the prospect of “reshoring”, leveraging super- efficient manufacturing practices to bring business back to the US.”

“Meister turns out to be a really good fit for me and the customers I will be working with for several reasons.  Meister’s advanced superabrasive technologies are incredibly effective. The wheels we supply are completely custom, so we can really dial in on the performance characteristics precision grinding engineers are looking for.”

(Speaking of products, Roy was very impressed recently when he had an opportunity to be present for a number of in-plant demonstrations of Meister’s new stationary hDD and cDD dressing tools. Stationary dressing tools have been around for a long time, but these high-tech stationary dressers really surpassed the customers’ expectations.)

“Finally,” he said, “Meister’s manufacturing plant in Rhode Island gives us a strong presence right here in the US. I am on the phone with the plant many times a day working out the optimal solution for customers’ grinding objectives and delivery schedules that ensure grinding wheels won’t be a bottleneck in the product development process.”

Roy said he will be dividing his time between working with Meister’s traditional automotive customer base (such as fuel injection, power steering, transmission components, and ABS systems), and with medical, aerospace and energy market customers who can really take advantage of Meister’s advanced superabrasives products.

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