hDD Dresser Case Study: Gear Grinding / Felsomat Machine

Here is a recent success of an hDD dresser on a dry-grinding application (gear synchron cones) with vitrified CBN wheels. The customer was looking to improve cutting ability and longevity of the CBN grinding wheel. They were using a plated diamond dressing disk and achieving a skip-dress of 10 workpieces.  The dresser was replaced with a new hybrid-bond hDD dressing tool. Not only was the process more stable, but the grinding wheel acted sharper and more open, allowing more efficient stock removal, which was especially critical for a dry operation. The result was faster grinding cycles and an increase in skip dress to 20 workpieces.  Furthermore, the hDD steel base can be reused, whereas this was not possible with the EP dressing tool.

hDD dressing tool and vit-CBN wheel

  • Workpiece: Gear – synchron cones
  • Grinding Wheel: IF 13° 34x15x11/17×21, CB51-64-125-V (Vitrified CBN)
  • Dressing Tool: DD 320x15x220 X=11 W=2, D42-427-150-H (Hybrid hDD)
  • Grinding Machine: Felsomat
  • Grinding Wheel Life: +100%

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