Meet Tom Cappadona

Meister’s man in the Midwest.

Have Spreadsheet Will Travel: When Meister’s Tom Cappadona heads off to a customer site on a troubleshooting mission he brings his spreadsheet , developed over many years, of the 82 variables that could be a root cause of unwanted results.

Tom Cappadona has spent the last 20 years in the machine tool industry, including stints with Studer (grinding field service), Taylor Hobson (surfacemeasurement) and United Grinding (grinding applications). That is why there are few people better qualified to help you improve the quality and productivity of your grinding processes with advanced Meister Abrasives wheels and dressing tools.

Tom knows that the grinding wheel may be the subject of the sale, but more importantly is the ability to use that grinding wheel for maximum effect. That’s why his extensive applications knowledge is so valuable and why customers turn to Tom for advice on new or existing superabrasive challenges.

Tom will contribute an article about getting to the root cause of grinding problems in a future issue. In the mean time if you are located in the Midwest and have a problem to solve or an opportunity to exploit— Tom’s your man.

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Joel Cassola is a commercial journalist who has written feature articles and case histories for clients in more than 100 trade magazines.
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