Hybrid Diamond Dressing Success Stories

European Case Studies confirm hDD contribution to quality and productivity

Meister Abrasives’ innovative hDD (hybrid diamond dressing) tools for CBN wheels combine the toughness of metal bonding with the natural porosity of a vitrified bond structure. This milestone product gives us a great story to tell our customers. Now we have something even better, actual case histories confirming hDD performance.

hDD Value Proposition

Because of their improved porosity, hDD rotary dressing tools are freer cutting, carrying more material and heat away from the CBN wheel with every revolution. This creates a better surface condition on the CBN wheel for subsequent grinding.

The many advantages of this new combination include more efficient dressing cycles that lead to more consistent CBN grinding wheel performance, increased intervals between dresses resulting in longer grinding wheel life, improved longevity of the dressing tool itself, and total elimination of the need to change out the dressing tool for re-conditioning.

Actual Performance Confirmed.

Dr. Peter Beyer, Meister’s Director of R&D and Production recently reviewed the hDD technology in the magazine Swiss Quality Production. In true Swiss fashion, Dr. Beyer corroborated theoretical predictions of hDD performance with a cross section of actual case studies. They are presented Below.

If you would like to corroborate hDD dressing tools advantages in your grinding operations we would be delighted to help you identify applications that would be the best possible fit for the technology.

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