New Advances In Vitrified Diamond Grinding Technology

Applications Shown in the photo (L to R /Top to Bottom) include:• Rotary Surface Grinding • OD Cylindrical Grinding • Prime Wafer Thinning • Wafer Backgrinding • Bore Grinding • Fine Grinding

Several development projects conducted by Meister Abrasives during 2008 have resulted in substantial improvements in the performance and durability of its vitrified diamond abrasive grinding wheel product line. These advances are being made available to Meister Abrasives USA customers, giving them more options to select diamond wheels with the best combination of stock removal, surface finish and geometry, and durability characteristics.

Bruce Northrup, General Manager of Meister Abrasives USA, said, “We are offering our customers much more than a “one bond fits all” solution to their grinding problems. During 2008 we added several new bonding matrices, including the proprietary HPB (High Performance Bonding) technology which we introduced for CBN Wheels in 2007”.

“A 50% broader range of options for improving grinding performance and machine cycles.”

“We have added a number of advanced diamond grains which were previously unavailable. This gives us many choices to meet specific requirements for diamond crystal shape, toughness, friability, and heat resistance.”

The breadth and number of grit size choices has also been expanded. Grit sizes range from FEPA 427μm for rough-grinding, down to 1-2μm for superfinishing/honing. Meister Abrasives has also made improvements in its mixing and wheel processing techniques for absolutely superior product homogeneity and consistency.

Northrup Concluded: “These improvements have given us a 50% greater range of options for fine tuning our vitrified diamond wheel products to meet the specific requirements of our customersʼ processes”.

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