CASE STUDY: Total Cost Calculation Tool

Vitrified CBN justified to replace Aluminum Oxide

25% total cost/part savings plus other benefits

This case study illustrates how Meister’s Total Cost Calculation Tool was used to justify the conversion of an aluminum oxide grinding process over to vitrified CBN.  The application was an OD/face grind on a pump rotor shaft for truck engines.

Although the CBN wheel carried a >40% increase in abrasive cost/part, the savings in cycle time, productivity, and downtime for wheel changes far outweighed the additional abrasive costs to provide a total cost/part savings of over 25% and also provided a significant potential increase in capacity, not to mention improved part consistency and tightened control over surface finish, roundness and flatness.  below are the details of the application and results.  To download your own copy of the Total Cost Calculation Tool, please follow THIS LINK.

To view the entire worksheet:

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