CASE STUDY: hDD Dresser for Camshaft Journal Grinding

In this case study, the customer achieved significant improvements in tooling costs and part quality through the implementation of a Meister hDD porous hybrid dressing tool. This tool, with its honeycomb-like bonding matrix was able to dress the wheel more efficiently, resulting in a sharper cutting action that produced better parts with significantly less wheel and dresser wear.

Benchmark Process:

Meister hDD Dressing Tool:
DD 170×7.88×75 X=6.5 W=2.5









  • Surface finish improved/tightened from Rz 2-6µm to Rz 2-4µm
  • Stresstech measurements on ground camshafts were reduced
  • Dressing interval increased from 165 to 240 camshafts
  • Wheel life increased from 35,000 camshafts to 55,000 camshafts
  • Dresser life increased from 17-months to 23-months

The advantages of the hDD dressing system has also been observed on cam lobe grinding applications which are even more sensitive to residual stresses induced during grinding.

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Vice President and General Manager of Meister Abrasives USA
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