Year End Review

2016 Brought More and Better Custom Tailored Solutions

In 2016, Meister Abrasives USA released a number of significant new products that increase the range of custom tailored solutions available to help customers solve their most perplexing grinding problems. These new products inspired record numbers of customers – and even some of our competitors – to visit us at IMTS in Chicago:

New 3D Abrasives Technology makes it possible to secure the tiniest grains of CBN (or diamond) within the most open bonding matrices ever created. The new 3D technology drastically reduces forces within the grinding process to make it easier to finish grind deep bores while achieving consistently superior finishes and geometric properties. An innovative self-sharpening bonding matrix results in superior grit retention for longer wheel life and increased dressing intervals.

This new technology will be particularly useful to manufacturers who have been stymied by hard materials that must be ground to micro-precision form, finish, and ever-tightening geometrical tolerances while providing low grinding forces that are essential to produce very smooth surface finishes and minimal deflection to the quill or walls of the component.

Big Wheels: Meister Abrasives USA has expanded its large diameter wheel making capabilities with processes, materials and equipment mirroring those used by Meister Abrasives in Switzerland. With this installation in place, Meister Abrasives will be able to manufacture its entire line of super abrasive wheels (with the exception of a few specialty products) from virtually identical  operations in the United States and Europe.

Swiss Quality Pellet Wheels Made in USA: Large diameter CBN and Diamond pellet wheels are one of the first big wheel product lines to be transitioned over to Meister’s US manufacturing operations. European manufacturers have employed Meister pellet wheels for decades to obtain more consistent close tolerance fine grinding and lapping performance with uniform wheel wear characteristics. Now this technology is close at hand for US manufacturers as well.

Micro-Precision Certified cDD Dressers: A new generation of cDD diamond dressers deliver certified, best-in-industry tool radius tolerances which are essential for today’s most demanding micro-precision grinding applications. Meister’s micro-precision certified cDD dressers are the result of a multi-year R&D project which culminated in a major investment in manufacturing, measurement, and verification systems. They can be certified accurate to within 2µm (+/-0.001 mm) if the application requires.

Pushing the boundaries of current abrasive product capabilities is business as usual at Meister. If your grinding applications need a cost/performance boost, contact one of our sales engineers.  They routinely help get our customers processes to the next level.

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