CASE STUDY: 3D Vit-CBN Bore Grinding

For Injector Bodies of Marine Engines

shipIn this application the customer was grinding the bores of large fuel injection bodies for cruise ship marine engines. They were using CBN wheels and dressing tools from another manufacturer. The customer’s goals were to increase tool life, reduce grinding forces, and reduce cycle time.  Meister’s solution was a super-porous 3D Vit-CBN wheel in combination with a porous hDD Hybrid dressing tool. The result was a much sharper and freer-cutting wheel, and allowed them to grind much faster, while also reducing heat and wheel wear significantly.

fuel injector nozzle bore

fuel injector nozzle bore

  • Feature: bore Ø38 x 240mm
  • Material: 18CrNiMo6, 62 HRc
  • Stock 0.35-0.4mm
  • Finish: Rz 3
  • Machine: Voumard 150 CNC
  • Coolant: oil
  • Surface speed of wheel: 20m/s



–> Wheel: IS 32x32x13 X=3, CB114-64-150-VD-3422723d-wheel

–> Dresser: DD 32x15x8 X=3 W=1.5 V=20°


  1. Grinding time reduced from 25min to 15min
  2. Skip dress increased from 2 components to 30

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