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IMTSBAdvanced Technology Highlighted at IMTS 2016
IMTS 2016 is underway, and there is still time to plan a stop at Meister Abrasive’s Booth # N-7351, McCormick Place, Chicago (September 12-17). You’ll get a first-hand look at two important abrasives technology advancements:

  • Dresser Photo croppedNew cDD diamond dresser technology
    capable of being certified accurate to
    within 2µm (+/- 0.001 mm).
  • Meister Abrasives will introduce products incorporating its innovative 3D abrasives technology early in 2016New 3D Abrasives Technology which allows Meister
    Abrasives to customize the porosity of its abrasive products to provide previously unachievable performance characteristics.

In addition, visitors will be able to:

  • Check out a new Studer S11 CNC grinder equipped with a Meister Abrasives diamond wheel and cDD dressing disk…a configuration ideal for aerospace HVOF component grinding.
  • Inspect a large CBN pellet wheel for fine grinding, made by Meister Abrasives, USA.
  • Say hello to Meister Abrasives Switzerland’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technologist, Dr. Peter Beyer and confer with Meister Abrasives USA’s Applications Engineers about solutions to your most pressing grinding challenges.
group photo B(Left to right): Dr. Peter Beyer/CEO and Chief Technologist Meister Abrasives AG; Bruce Northrup/Vice President and General Manager Meister Abrasives, USA; Tom Cappadona/Sales Applications Engineer Midwest Territory; Roy Auerbach/Sales Applications Engineer Southeast Territory; Patrick Roberts/ Sales Applications Engineer Northeast Territory.
  • And sample some of our Swiss chocolate!Meister ChocolateWe look forward to seeing you at the show!

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Vice President and General Manager of Meister Abrasives USA
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