R&D Drives Tailored Grinding Solutions

It is no coincidence that Meister Abrasives CEO Dr. Peter Beyer is also our Chief Technologist. This is because, above all else, Meister is an R&D driven company with the mission of providing our customers with tailored grinding solutions that are a perfect fit for their applications in terms of quality, productivity, and end-result cost. So our man at the top is in charge not only of day-to-day operations but also the research that is essential to Meister’s value proposition.

R&D is so ingrained in Meister’s corporate culture that all the practical aspects of our laboratory work – the mixing, the pressing, the firing and the machining — is done by our production staff using actual production equipment. So once a new grinding or dressing product has become commercial, it is also production ready. This is good for our customers because we can get solutions to their most vexing grinding problems to market faster.

“Pushing the boundaries of current abrasive products is business as usual at Meister.”

“Pushing the boundaries of current abrasive products is business as usual at Meister.”

It is also good for our production scheduling because none of our grinding solutions are simple off-the-shelf products. To an unprecedented degree, we dial in the materials and bonding matrices and production methods to match our customers’ manufacturing goals. Since our people, processes and equipment have already been dialed in from the very beginning, we are in a better position to keep these custom orders moving expeditiously.

Not only are Meister’s tailored abrasive product solutions extensively fine-tunable, they are also broad ranging. Since IMTS 2014, our portfolio of abrasive manufacturing solutions has grown with the addition of several innovative new product lines. You’ll find examples of these in THE RED CABINET at our IMTS 2016 Booth N-7351.

diamond grains

“Diamonds are more than just a girls best friend.”

Pushing the boundaries of current abrasive products is business as usual at Meister. Our Corporate CEO, Dr. Beyer, will be spending some time at Meister’s IMTS booth in September. If you run into him, ask him about what is in the works. He may be in a position to disclose promising results of a number of R&D trials at several early adopter customers. Or he may just wink slyly and say something like “Diamonds are more than just a girl’s best friend.”

That in itself could be a major clue.

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