Revolutionary cDD Dressers Certified to Micro-Precision Tolerances

Meister's NEW micro-precision CNC dressing tools are ideal for grinding applications with form tolerances down to 2µm

Meister’s NEW micro-precision CNC dressing tools are ideal for grinding applications with form tolerances down to 2µm

Meister Abrasives USA has introduced a new generation of cDD Diamond Dressers that deliver certified, best-in-industry tool radius tolerances which are essential for today’s most demanding micro-precision grinding applications. The radius form tolerance of these new micro precision diamond dressers can be certified accurate to within 2µm (+/- 0.001 mm) if the application requires.

Bruce Northrup, Vice President and General Manager of Meister Abrasives USA, said, “To dress grinding wheels for ultra-high precision applications the user needs to have a precise, certified radius value to plug into his CNC dressing program. Very few dressing tool manufacturers have been able to achieve this degree of certified precision. Meister’s introduction of micro-precision certified cDD dressers is the result of a multi-year R&D project which culminated in a major investment in manufacturing, measurement, and verification systems. These have enabled Meister Abrasives to achieve an order of magnitude improvement in the accuracy and precision for these unique dressers.”

Meister generates a form tolerance certification during the manufacturing process of each tool [click to enlarge]profile tolerance

This degree of certified precision makes micro-precision cDD Diamond dressers suitable for the CNC truing and sharpening of grinding wheels used in manufacturing automotive and aerospace bearing races, high-precision gear grinding, plunge grinding of fuel injection armatures and needles, and other critical grinding applications that require form tolerances as tight as 2 microns.

Meister Abrasives broke into new territory with the introduction of diamond dressers that excelled both at truing and sharpening CBN wheels. These cDD dressing tools rely on a unique structure in which high quality CVD diamond inserts are strategically embedded within Meister’s hDD porous hybrid-bond diamond matrix. The cumulative advantages of the cDD technology for both dressing and subsequent grinding processes are many:

  • Superior Truing (accurate and consistent profile generation on the grinding wheel)
  • Superior Sharpening (does not dull the grinding wheel)
  • Low dressing forces
  • Grinding wheel cuts better and achieves better part quality
  • Lower dress in-feed or higher skip dress possible
  • Dressing tool stays sharp – No conditioning required

Now these advantages are also available to manufacturers engaged in critical micro-precision grinding processes.

For more information, contact Bruce Northrup,

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