Three Operations, Two Grinding Spindles, One Dresser

Case Study: Unique Triple-Layer Porous Dressing Disk

The Application: Our customer has a universal grinding machine with two grinding spindles; one for OD grinding and the other for ID grinding. The machine is equipped with one rotary dressing spindle. The components to be ground require an OD, face, and a small bore to be ground, all in one chucking. Material is very hard, tolerances very tight, and production numbers are high, making vitrified CBN wheels the ideal choice. Tolerances for the bore are particularly challenging, so wheel dressing and sharpness of cut are critical for success.

The Challenge: Dressing and effectively sharpening both large and small diameter CBN wheels in the same process, without changing dressers.process layout

The machine was equipped with a dressing spindle for a Ø100mm dressing disk. The challenge was to design a disk that would effectively sharpen and hold-up to dressing the large Ø500mm CBN wheel, but at the same time be delicate enough to dress the tiny Ø3mm ID wheel without dulling or deflecting it.

Meister Solution: An innovative dresser design optimized for both large and small diameter CBN wheels used in the same process.

This unique dresser design has (3) independent diamond layers, each optimized to dress each grinding wheel/feature (OD, Face, and ID). The two layers for the OD/Face use Meister’s Hybrid-bonded hDD dressing technology, combining the porosity of a vitrified bond structure with the wear resistance of a metal bondThe Solution.

The third layer for the ID wheel uses Meister’s porous ceramic-bonded vDD dressing technology. The vDD bond system is softer than the hybrid bond and well suited for producing extremely low dressing forces, which in this case was ideal for the small ID wheel.

The Result: A fully optimized grinding process, with each wheel/feature designed specifically for each operation, and a dressing tool that is optimized to dress, sharpen, and maintain each CBN grinding wheel at peak performance levels.

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