cDD Stationary Dresser Case Study: External Alox Wheel with Profile

stationary chisel bn 2

cDD Stationary Tool

Meister was approached by a customer who complained of inconsistent performance from their current supplier of fleese diamond tools, used to dress the OD and Radius on a Ø500mm Aluminum Oxide grinding wheel.   The operators frequently complained of inconsistent and unpredictable wear of the tools, making it difficult to control the size/shape of the wheel, and therefore the consistency of the ground parts.

together chiselMeister supplied them a stationary cDD (CVD-tipped Diamond Dresser), utilizing our latest hybrid-bonded matrix, which combines the porosity of vitrified bond with the wear resistance of metal bond.  High-quality CVD inserts of engineered size and specification were added to the hybrid matrix to provide wear resistance and form-holding through the life of the tool.

Not only did the customer report getting very consistent performance from the tool, but they also said the tool produced a sharper wheel surface, allowing them to reduce cycle time.cDD chisel dwgchart

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