Look who’s turning 25!

2013 is a milestone year for Meister Abrasives USA.  We’re turning 25.

Since its inception, Meister Abrasives USA has dedicated itself to providing the North American continent with US-manufactured superabrasive products, employing the highest standards of Swiss precision. The history of Meister’s growth has been one of careful and methodical development of global engineering expertise, applications experience, and manufacturing excellence in concert with exceptional product R&D capabilities.

Konrad Meister (founder) and Andy Miller (VP) circa 1988.

Konrad Meister (founder) and Andy Miller (VP) circa 1988.

Meister Abrasives USA Milestones

70ʼs and 80ʼs: Meister known for its ID superabrasive grinding wheels handles sales on an itinerant basis by President Konrad Meister (Founder of Meister International) and later with Andy Miller (Meister UK).

1988: Pratt & Whitney asks Meister to develop a 12” superabrasive grinding wheel. Meister USA formed to expedite government approval process. Five year task force established to study US business potential, with a sales office opened in Shrewsbury, MA.

1994: Task force determines there is a substantial opportunity for US manufacturing of Meister products. Small scale production facility is established in Worcester, MA.

2000: Meister purchases land and builds full scale manufacturing plant in North Kingstown, RI. Location chosen because of availability of skilled labor capable of performing high precision superabrasives manufacturing.

2001-06: Mirror image of Swiss manufacturing processes established in the US for Meisterʼs complete product line, including external CBN and diamond wheels.

2006-08: Phased US introduction of patented HPB Bonding technology for CBN wheels. This product gives manufacturers more options for improving part quality and manufacturing productivity.

2008: hDD Hybrid Diamond Dressing Technology introduced in US market. This product combines the wear resistance of metal bond with the porous structure of vitrified bond to drastically improve the sharpeness and cutting efficiency of grinding wheels.

2010: Meister introduces the CVD edge-reinforced version of hDD dressers called “cDD” (CVD-Tipped Diamond Dressers).  Meister makes its debut at the IMTS trade show in Chicago.

stationary cDD dressing tool

stationary cDD dressing tool

2013: Meister introduces stationary hDD and cDD tools to the US marketplace for dressing a wide range of conventional and superabrasive wheels to achieve performance far beyond that of conventional single and multi-point tools.

The Future: Meister will continue to work with our customers to develop custom engineered superabrasive solutions that satisfy the requirements of the most difficult grinding applications.

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