Make A Quality Decision, Visit Meister Abrasives at IMTS 2012

Find Out How Meister Abrasives Delivers
Competitive Advantages To Your Industry

Please drop by booth #N-7369 at IMTS and say hello. While you’re there energize yourself with some of our premium Swiss chocolate and ask us about the ways Meister is helping users in your industry improve quality and productivity. For example:

Fuel Injection. The very tight surface finish and geometry tolerances applicable in this field can only be achieved by using specifically designed abrasive tools. Meisterʼs systems approach also includes dressing tools and high-precision grinding arbors/quills.

Automotive. First class abrasive raw materials, innovative bonding systems and highly developed manufacturing methods, plus our many years of applications experience lift automotive grinding processes for parts such as gears, lifters, valves, tappets, and cams into the top tier.

Bearings. Our internal grinding wheels made of premium sintered abrasives in vitrified bondings are a well-known standard in the bearing industry. We also offer a specific range of super abrasive grinding tools incorporating our new high performance bond (HPB) and high performance cutting (HPC) technologies.

Tool & Cutter
. Meister has developed a new generation of high performance vitrified grinding tools specifically designed for grinding cutters and punches. The high-tech bonding system enhances the grinding tool’s performance under exteme heat and stock removal conditions, and its ability to be rotary dressed on-line allows unmanned production.

Medical & Dental. Difficult to grind high-performance alloys and ceramics require a careful selection of abrasives and bonding systems. Meister grinding tools live up to the requirements thanks to innovative manufacturing and application technology.

Semiconductor. Meister Abrasivesʼ micro grit product range used for fine grinding of prime wafers or back thinning applications are capable of achieving surface finishes in the angstrom range. Ceramet hybrid and vitrified bonded grinding wheels create a quantum leap in photovoltaic grinding process efficiency.

Candy is sweet– and so are the process and quality improvements
you can realize with Meister’s advanced abrasive technologies.

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