The Grinding Journal Explores hDD Technology

An article by Dr. Peter Beyer, Meister Abrasives’ Head of R&D, in the August 2012 edition of  The Grinding Journal, explores the science behind our revolutionary hDD (hybrid Diamond Dresser) Technology.  New hDD tools combine the toughness of metal bonding with the natural porosity of a vitrified bond structure, comparable to porosity found in vit CBN grinding wheels. The many advantages of this new combination include more efficient dressing cycles that lead to more consistent CBN grinding wheel performance; increased intervals between dresses, resulting in longer grinding wheel life; improved longevity of the dressing tool itself;  and total elimination of the need to change out the dressing tool for re-conditioning.

One of the secrets behind this new technology is a proprietary manufacturing process that both mechanically and chemically bonds the diamond particles within the tool to insure that they will be held securely. As a result, metal posts or “bridges” that attach to the diamond crystals in the bonding matrix can be slender, allowing for large pores to be naturally distributed between the crystals. The article shows in detail how these unique microstructures contribute to superior dressing performance.

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