hDD Dresser Case Study: Cam Roller Application / Nova Machine

Here is a recent success of an hDD dresser on an internal bore-grinding application with vitrified CBN. The customer was looking to improve cutting ability and longevity of the grinding wheel, as well as produce a more stable process. In this case, the original metal-bonded dressing tool was believed to be dulling the wheel too much, resulting in unsatisfactory results.  The dresser was replaced with a hybrid-bond hDD dressing tool of the same design, and the improvement was rather dramatic.

Nova Setup: hDD Dressing Disk, Rocker Arm Assembly, Vitrified CBN Wheel

  • Workpiece: Cam Roller (rocker arm)
  • Grinding Tool: IG 9x13x5/M4, CB5-46-200-V-68350 (Vitrified CBN)
  • Dressing Tool: DD 125x20x52, D42-426-175-H-304835 (hDD)
  • Grinding Machine: Meccanica Nova
  • Coolant: oil
  • Workpiece Material: 100Cr6 (SAE-52100)
  • Stock Removal: 0.2mm on radius
  • Surface Finish Rz (micron): 1.38 after dress / 1.46 before dress
  • Dressing Interval: 200 (80 before application of hDD)
  • Workpieces / Grinding Tool: 36,000 (17,000 before application of hDD)

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