Meister Gets New ERP System

Starting January-1st 2012, Meister transitioned to a new ERP-System. This required a change to our part numbers and the way our specification is designated.

Here are two examples of how the change might look for a typical CBN wheel and diamond dressing disk:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Meister’s products changing in any way?

A: NO. This is strictly a change to the part number and spec designation only. The products themselves are exactly the same.

Q: Can I still order with the old part number / spec?

A: YES. If you order with the old information, we can cross reference to the new system. However, when we send our confirmation back to you, the new part number/spec will be listed. We suggest this is a good time to update your system.

Q: Do I need to take any actions right now?

A: NO. Starting Jan-1st order confirmations, quotations, and product labels have the new format. We recommend you adapt your internal files as you receive the new information. In the meantime, you may continue to order with the old part number / spec.

Q: I order with my own part number. Can I continue to do that?

A: YES. Any customer part numbers in our old system have been transferred to the new system.

Q: Can Meister send me a list of the parts I order and their new part-numbers and specifications?

A: Though we would like to be able to provide this service to our customers, the fact is we have hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of parts affected, which makes this task quite difficult. Please be assured that whether you order with the old information, or the new, we will know exactly what it is you want, and we will confirm back all of the new info for your records.

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