Really Sweet

Where Meister Technology Makes a Difference

Meister Abrasivesʼ technology improves throughput and quality in some of the most demanding grinding applications.

Itʼs all on display at our IMTS booth 6748 in the North Pavilion. Here are some items you wonʼt want to miss:

  • New cDD (CVD-tipped Diamond Dresser) tools hold their profiles better while maintaining sharpness longer than other dressing technologies to date.
  • HDD (hybrid diamond dressing) tools combine the toughness of metal with the natural porosity of a vitrified bond structure.
  • HPB (High Performance Bond) wheels decrease cycles up to 25% and improve wheel life up to 100%.
  •  Individual kiosks demonstrating our expertise in key markets.

And if thatʼs not sweet enough, grab some of our Swiss chocolate for a well deserved IMTS energy boost.

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