Good OEM Relationships Lead To Better Grinding Solutions

By Markus Buerki, OEM/New Product Development Engineer, Meister Abrasives USA

Long before you receive your first abrasives product from Meister, we have been working behind the scenes on your behalf, supplying original grinding systems manufacturers with products and technical assistance in developing cost-effective manufacturing processes with their equipment.

We are not the type of company that sends out a catalog and ask you to pick out a product that might fit. Every wheel we produce– even for our OEM partners– is custom manufactured to meet the needs of a specific application. At the same time we provide the quills and dressing tools that are ideal for the application.

Frequently we are present during the run-off at the OEM. If we donʼt meet the specification the first time through Meister is part of the team that will come up with a different approach until we satisfy the customerʼs needs.

Many other wheel suppliers just sell a product and that’s it. However Meister puts its reputation on the line every time we work with an OEM (or a direct customer) because we are giving our assurance that the abrasive product solution is going to do the job in the initial evaluation stage and, ultimately, at the customerʼs plant. So weʼd better be right.

In recent months we have been working on some very interesting applications involving advanced materials like ceramics, HVOF coated materials and unique, ultra-hard alloys used in medical device manufacturing.

We learn a lot from these OEM application challenges and use this knowledge to help all of our customers and also to direct our ongoing R&D efforts. But donʼt get the wrong idea. You donʼt have to be an OEM to get special attention from Meister Abrasives. We treat all of our customers the same way.

If you have a grinding problem that could benefit from a customized abrasives solution, get in touch with Meister and see what a difference we can make.

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