Consistency– Just What the Doctor Ordered

Our customers take consistency very seriously. So we go to great lengths to assure that our products are consistent from wheel to wheel and lot to lot. Even this may not be enough for some of our customers.

Recently Meister Abrasives USA passed one of the most stringent wheel evaluations we have ever encountered. It was for a medical part manufacturing process. In addition to evaluating our wheels on the manufacturing equipment, the customer also verified internal dimensions of products by X-raying them.

We are happy to report that Meister was given the order– not for 5 or 10 wheels– but for enough to last the next 10 years of manufacturing. Now the customer can be 100% sure that the properties of their wheels will not change.

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Joel Cassola is a commercial journalist who has written feature articles and case histories for clients in more than 100 trade magazines.
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