New Abrasives Technologies For Prototype Diesel Components

Meister is hard at work helping diesel engine manufacturers produce components that improve performance and efficiency.

With the cost of fuel so high, engine manufacturers are undertaking aggressive R&D programs to improve engine efficiency and fuel economy, particularly in the diesel marketplace. Meister Abrasives is deeply involved in some of these.

Bruce Northrup, General Manager of Meister Abrasives USA said, “New fuel systems such as High Pressure Common Rail are more compact and operate at increasingly higher pressures, requiring components to be ground to increasingly tighter tolerances.”

He continued, “We are applying our new HPB (High Performance Bond) wheel and hDD (hybrid Diamond Dressing) technologies to help them do just that.”

So Meister is very busy developing new wheel and dresser combinations that mesh with these manufacturers prototyping efforts to produce the energy efficient engines of the future.

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