“No Me-Too Products” Philosophy
 Gets Boost From U.S. Customers

Leading Edge TechnologyDuring the past decade Meister Abrasives has made enormous strides in the development of grinding and dressing tool substrates with unique bonding matrices. We are simply not interested in developing “Me Too Products” that everyone else offers.

These developments have allowed Meister Abrasives to devise new categories of customizable, vitrified and hybrid bonded abrasive products that improve the performance of conventional grinding equipment and extend the already impressive capabilities of new CNC abrasive machining systems.

Super-Porous Hybrid Bond

Super-Porous Hybrid Bond

Interestingly, the early adapters of Meister’s most innovative Swiss-made technologies have not been Europeans but American companies eager to employ them to secure a competitive advantage.

Innovative Meister products are contributing to quality and productivity at customer locations worldwide. They include:

  • HPB Vitrified Bonding Technology
  • HPC High Performance Cutting Technology
  • hDD Hybrid Bonded Dressing Tools
  • cDD Hybrid Bonded Dressing Tools with CVD Reinforcements
Dr. Peter Beyer with a customer inspecting a new hDD dressing tool

Dr. Beyer presents an hDD dressing tool to a customer

Each of these involved painstaking research in Meister Abrasive’s Swiss R&D lab under the Direction of Dr. Peter Beyer, who is also our CEO. Dr. Beyer said, “Methodical research and thorough testing is something we absolutely insist upon. There is actually a double layer of scrutiny over here, because our customers take a similar approach by performing engineering evaluations on our new product introductions before they are slowly incorporated into their manufacturing processes.

“In the U.S. market our customers’ attitude is the reverse. They are more keen about getting the latest and greatest as opposed to Europeans who want to remain a bit longer with known technologies because they are less risky. In the U.S. our own staff are also quite eager to introduce customers to technology innovations.”

Dr. Beyer believes that the Americans’ eagerness to adapt new technologies and manufacturing approaches has been mutually beneficial.  While Meister’s American customers are improving their profitability by using innovative grinding approaches, the rest of the world is benefitting from the applications knowledge that is being generated as Meister stays in close touch with these early adaptors.

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