hDD Stationary Dresser Case Study: Vitrified CBN Bore Wheel

Meister recently had an inquiry from a customer who needed to grind the bores on a trial order of hardened automotive sleeves, but their grinding setup was not sufficient.  Their Cylindrical bore grinder was relatively new, but they did not have a rotary dresser installed, only a single-point diamond, and when attempting to grind the parts with aluminum oxide wheels the wear rates were very high and they were unable to maintain a consistent process.

They really wanted to use CBN wheels, but they couldn’t justify the investment in a rotary dressing spindle unless they landed a longer term contract with their customer, which would never be possible unless they could produce this initial order to exceptional quality.  Therein lied their dilemma.


The solution was a stationary hDD dressing tool, utilizing Meister’s newest hybrid-bond technology, combining the porosity of vitrified bond with the wear resistance of metal bond.  This tool was combined with a Meister HPB vitrified-bonded CBN wheel.


Not only did the solution work, but the customer was able to land the contract and is now looking to expand their process.

hdd dwgtable

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2 Responses to hDD Stationary Dresser Case Study: Vitrified CBN Bore Wheel

  1. Kapil says:

    This is very interesting. Can we say we do not need a rotary disc dresser for ID grinding with Vit CBN wheels? or will it be application dependent?

    Also any such solution for CBN OD wheel dressing?

    • Thank you for your question.
      Generally we still recommend rotary diamond dressing for CBN applications. However, there are cases where a stationary dresser can be used successfully, like the example above. Therefore to answer your question, we prefer to evaluate the feasibility of stationary dressing on a case-by-case basis. It is application dependent.
      For OD-wheel dressing, we manufacture our hybrid-bond dressing technology in disks to suit any dressing spindle or machine. For more information, here is a link to a brochure that describes the product in more detail: http://www.meister-abrasives.com/data/docs/download/1911/en/Dressing-Tools-E.pdf
      Thank you!

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